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GGLO designs in extraordinary ways, even in ordinary circumstances, bringing unforeseen ideas and new approaches to solve design problems. We layer a mix of uses to create authentic experiences that connect people through beauty and innovation. We look at projects from the inside out and from the outside in, incorporating all disciplines, uses and stakeholders to achieve design solutions that shape our contemporary culture and make places in which people can fully experience community, well-being and beauty. WSU Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center. Chambers Bay Resort.

  • Improving Agriculture Through Landscape Architecture
  • The team behind Felixx
  • Urban Design & Masterplanning in the UK: The Best Practices
  • Building a Changing World.
  • About Urban Planning & Design
  • Why landscape architects are the urban designers of tomorrow
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Improving Agriculture Through Landscape Architecture

Since our original inception over 40 years ago, we continue to shape the built environment in regions, cities, and towns across Canada and worldwide.

As an integrated full-service firm, we guide public- and private-sector projects from conception to implementation. We are unique in providing design-intensive services that resolve complex issues such as land-use regulations, regional infrastructure requirements, or community development. SvN's engages in applied research and advocacy in post-carbon design, social justice, housing and biodiversity. SvN is a transdisciplinary design practice.

We can anticipate all the challenges of complex projects and develop robust, context-specific, flexible, and resilient solutions. We tackle challenging city-building projects where there are no ready-made solutions. SvN are market leaders in housing and mobility.

As a design-focused practice, SvN believes transit corridors and mobility hubs should require the same kind of attention to design thinking as iconic cultural buildings, celebrated public parks and grand boulevards. We work with public-sector development agencies and private developers, leading them through the complexities of designing, building and owning housing projects. Our knowledge of the marketplace allows us to maximize public and private investments, unlock the development potential of underutilized sites, and minimize risk.

Our mobility practice area supports transit-oriented development by unlocking growth opportunities influenced by housing, community amenities, complete streets and designing for a public realm that encourages future growth and livability. SvN leads with progressive urban design principles. We realize the world is increasingly urban and increasingly challenged with land, energy, and financial resources.

Sprawling cities do not make for sustainable urban systems. To this, we value communities that contain a diversity of housing, employment and mobility options.

We start by talking to people, listening to them and connecting with their concerns. A people-focused approach creates people-focused design solutions. Our process helps clients understand and appreciate the social context for every project, thereby increasing its success. The most challenging design issues are resolved through effective dialogue. SvN builds relationships. SvN builds successful relationships between communities, landowners, developers and the government to create a better city for all.

We design meaningful community engagement processes that respect residents, providing them with a sense of agency and connection to their community.

Building relationships includes helping clients forge creative partnerships that generate opportunities for projects and neighbourhoods.

Our team is motivated to positively impact the built environment and take creative risks when necessary as we work together. We operate as a team that chooses its members for what they bring to the table: every person plays a critical role in achieving our collective success. As a collective, we are energized by competition. We love to win, learn from each other, and continuously improve and prepare.

It's the spirit that underpins everything we do. Our Shared Purpose Our shared purpose is a belief system that clients trust, partners appreciate, and talent recognizes. At SvN, we endeavour to tackle the most pressing issues of our time. We think beyond our disciplines' bounds and infuse our work with research and innovation to achieve meaningful, catalytic results. Every project has ripples and the ability to positively impact communities at a social, physical and economic level.

Our motivation to transform big ideas into better housing, better mobility and better communities guides everything we do, including our work and the people we hire.

By focusing on opportunities that reimagine how people live, we foster value-driven relationships with partners, clients and staff who share a similar optimism and vision for the future. Our Values Drive Our Purpose. To achieve a meaningful impact, the following values comprise the unique characteristics that embody our team when we are at our best:.

As an integrated planning and design firm, land and community are the foundation of our practice. As architects, landscape architects, designers, and planners, we help our clients transform land to connect, house, and enhance communities. We believe that the most challenging design issues are resolved through effective dialogue. SvN works in many places, and our team is from around the world. It is also on lands covered by the Williams Treaty , signed with multiple Mississaugas and Chippewa bands, of the Anishinaabe nation.

We recognize the Dish with One Spoon Covenant, an agreement that epitomizes our collective responsibility to each other and Mother Earth. We give thanks to First Nations and Indigenous Peoples and their descendants who are stewards of this land, and we acknowledge their spiritual connection to the land and water. We must learn from these caretakers, and share in the responsibility to make decisions today that sustain our world for the seventh generation. Our frameworks of mapping, measuring, and exchanging land for monetary value are constructs of a colonial system within which we operate.

The legacy of colonization and institutionalized racism continues to impact Indigenous Peoples. Architects, landscape architects, designers, and planners have a role to play in Truth, Justice and Reconciliation. We are all treaty people, sharing the role as guests and caretakers of this land. At SvN, we commit to moving forward in the spirit of Partnership, co-management, collaboration, and Reconciliation. SvN is honouring the first annual National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30, and is encouraging our team to use the day as a day of learning and reflection, in honour of the Residential School Survivors, and those children who did not return.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be actioning our commitments, and focusing efforts on building relationships and collaborating with First Nations and Indigenous Peoples. SvN offers a range of full-scope architecture, interior design, retrofit, programming and construction management services for public and private projects, especially within mixed-use developments. Our approach focuses on user experience and the creation of environments that reflect the culture and identity of our clients.

Our flexible designs for housing, mixed-use communities, schools, churches, community-based institutions and public spaces allow for incremental changes in program and building use to be realized over time.

We have a history of initiating and realizing projects that fill critical gaps in the market, and that are sensitive and adaptable to evolving cultures and contexts to ensure the immediate and long-term health of communities. Our team prepares concept design and schematics for our clients that illustrate the scale and character of a proposed development, including site plans, rendered massing models, basic floor plans, sections, elevations, and project statistics.

Using the client-approved Concept Design, we prepare all application material necessary for government approvals and building permits, including building design drawings, renderings, rendered elevations, shadow impact studies and project statistics.

We revise and update permit drawings based on feedback from government agencies as well as specific client requirements. We coordinate with technical consultants to prepare supporting documentation and reports as necessary and, we integrate additional requirements, such as storm water management, site servicing and landscape strategies, into a comprehensive construction and tender package. We support our clients throughout the bidding process. We manage the project, including change orders, throughout the construction process.

We attend off- and on-site meetings with the client and the contractor team to ensure the project remains on budget and on schedule. Clients are made aware of the changes caused by the climate crisis, the actions that the construction industry must undertake to reduce carbon emissions and minimize the impacts of climate change on our way of life and the health of the living systems.

We can offer a series of performance improvements which include:. SvN offers a full spectrum of landscape architecture services for major redevelopment sites, mobility hubs, transit corridors, urban parks and plaza, and streetscapes.

Our placemaking work includes ongoing collaborations with projects that acknowledge complex ecologies, histories and connectivity. Our landscape architecture team builds upon our ability to think holistically and creatively, from small urban spaces to reconfigured landscapes and large-scale mixed-use development —all of which lead to thriving urban ecologies.

As an interdisciplinary landscape architecture team, we are able to identify risks in early design development and conceptual site layout stages that will help to shape and form the thinking on programming, ecological considerations and site services that will reduce and minimize the amount of approvals required. We prepare detailed design guidelines to advance policy goals and objectives, specifically those related to the design of streetscapes and public spaces, We apply our combined technical and design expertise to create effective and comprehensive guidelines for projects in areas subject to intensification through to greenfield development.

We prepare comprehensive plans for communities, ranging from high-density urban infill projects in areas subject to intensification, through to greenfield development resulting in sustainable, complete communities.

SvN and its legacy firm has over 40 years of experience working internationally in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Our common thread is building local capacity, along with economic and social capital to ensure sustainable and dynamic growth in the communities where we've worked.

We plan and design for a range of parks and open spaces that vary in typology in scale from small to large , character from naturalized to urban , and programming from passive to active.

Our designs are strongly rooted in the connection between people and places and create destinations that serve local, city-wide and regional needs.

We account for all technical aspects of a site and employ the highest standards for stormwater management, including thorough use of Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Planning and Design Guide.

Our systematic approach traverses spatial and temporal scales and responds to diverse geographies. Working with our clients and communities, we strive to restore, create, and nurture healthy and regenerative ecosystems that will sustain the well-being of all residents of the planet.

Through our research groups focusing on post-carbon design, land restoration is the process of renewing and restoring damaged habitats and ecosystems, primarily due to human intervention. We view ecological or land restoration as an antidote to environmental destruction due to pollution, deforestation, natural disasters. Habitat reclamation refers to a process of repairing altered or destroyed ecosystems as the result of shortsighted development strategies. Our knowledge of environmental reclamation holistically considers site conditions and encompasses integrated approaches to urban planning and design to yield successful results.

Planting Plans, Always looking to integrate new technologies and products to enhance the design while staying conscious of the budget. SvN offers comprehensive planning, approvals and development management to governments, landowners and non-governmental organizations. Our experience working from concept through to construction allows us to guide our clients at each stage of a project, anticipating the challenges that come with complex development. We take an integrated approach to planning that strengthens and improves the relationships between buildings, landscape and infrastructure.

SvN applies our comprehensive expertise of planning and design processes to review and evaluate private development applications on behalf of public sector clients. We apply our thorough understanding of the governmental and regulatory context to develop studies and public policy instruments.

SvN undertakes site analysis studies, from site scale up to secondary plan scale. We work with developers and public agencies to complete due diligence and Highest and Best Use Studies for their lands.

We work with developers, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations to complete due diligence and Highest and Best Use Studies for their lands, based on a comprehensive analysis of the policy and regulatory framework, site conditions and contextual considerations, and recent and ongoing developments while acknowledging the desired development program.

We leverage our knowledge and expertise in policy interpretation to assist clients in the acquisition, due diligence, planning, design and development of strategic properties. We also are experts in neighbourhood design and are able to help clients understand the potential of properties in stable areas where more modest growth is anticipated. We provide feasibility planning, development advisory and approvals risk management for our clients.

As an interdisciplinary team that contributes to the design and architecture of a project, we are able to identify risks in early design development and conceptual site layout stages. We help to shape and form the thinking on the site layout and building design in a way that reduces and minimizes the amount of approvals required. We lead innovative and engaging public and stakeholder consultation sessions that are tailored to meet project-specific requirements.

SvN understands that engagement requires a compelling narrative, graphics, and presentation materials to improve understanding and achieve buy-in. We have the experience required to work through what might be sensitive and complex discussions with multi-stakeholder groups.

The team behind Felixx

Cobe creates architecture that shapes the future and aspires to create surroundings that actively contribute to extraordinary everyday life. We offer services within urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture and interior design. Every day we strive for extraordinary, long-lasting quality in the cities, buildings and landscapes we shape. We tie building and urban space together and give something back to the city. To us, urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture are inextricably linked. Based in Copenhagen, we have played a major role in the transformation of the Danish capital.

The company seeks driven architects, interior designers and technical experts who aspire to contribute to the built environment through innovative and.

Urban Design & Masterplanning in the UK: The Best Practices

The Program of Landscape Architecture is ranked No. The Landscape Architecture program advances design and planning solutions for environmental resiliency, urban place making, and quality of life. Through interdisciplinary teaching, research, and community engagement, the program will promote leading-edge design and planning by capitalizing on our unique place within a transferable urban lab environment DFW. The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Urban Design program is a newly approved pre-professional degree that answers a need for sustainability. The Master of Landscape Architecture program advances design and planning solutions focused on environmental resiliency and urban quality of life. College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs. Home About Overview. Diversity and Inclusion.

Building a Changing World.

Jump to navigation. With the Sonoran Desert as your laboratory, learn to plan, design and build innovative places that endure. View Information. School of Architecture Director Search. We excel in teaching, research and service in a transformational learning environment.

We are currently in Beta version and updating this search on a regular basis.

About Urban Planning & Design

The Faculty of Environmental Design is the largest in Canada and the only francophone one of its kind in North America to incorporate all the disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design, interior design and urban planning. This wide-ranging perspective allows the faculty to address human intervention in the built and natural environments on scales ranging from objects to buildings in both cities and rural areas. Environmental Planning and Design. Game Design. Landscape Architecture. Mobility, Transportation and Urban Planning.

Why landscape architects are the urban designers of tomorrow

Through storytelling, active listening, creativity, collaboration, innovation, and enduring design, Cuningham creates resilient environments for communities to Grow, Heal, Live, Play, Work — and thrive. Transformative design does not exist in a bubble. The results are bold, comprehensive, and built to last. From elementary schools to civic spaces, fostering growth through design requires thoughtfulness, empathy, and the ability to accommodate a diversity of needs. We design through research, innovation, and experience-based solutions.

Designing for a more livable world. SWA is a design firm renowned for creativity, responsiveness, and resilience in the planning and design.

Landscape Architecture Urban Design Intern jobs

GFF serves as the overall corporate umbrella for four divisions: GFF Architects , comprising eight distinct studios specializing in different practice areas; GFF Interiors , offering full-service interior design capabilities across a full spectrum of building types; GFF Planning , providing land use planning, campus master planning, urban design and zoning processing assistance; and GFF Landscape , providing landscape architecture. Each specialized architecture studio, as well as each remaining division, is led by a principal or associate principal. Learn why GFF stands against systematic racism and state violence against people of color. Creating Memorable Places that create a sense of destination.

Please get in touch by simply filling in the form below. We are on a mission to unlock the hidden potential of your site and deliver you a successful transformational change. You prefer a custom, one-size-does-not-fit-all approach and you are passionate about good design. You are interested in massively effective projects that are delivered on time and need minimal revisions. You need an expert, strategic, multidisciplinary chartered architecture firm, and not just the cheapest provider. Got a question for us?

We are a team of planners, architects, landscape architects and interior designers headquartered in New York and San Francisco with a network of domestic and international offices.

Best architecture salt lake city. Those who have attended other pioneer temples will immediately notice that the Salt Lake Temple is much more ornate and detailed than the temples in St. It's a very large, public, four-year university in a midsize city. Kearns is a delightful Salt Lake suburb that lets retirees enjoy the best the city has to offer, while still providing them with a peaceful and private place to call home. Call:Because smart growth starts with us, Building Salt Lake seeks to engage readers and encourage its audience to become active participants in the development of their communities. Brian David Junge.

While many assume urban design is about the process of designing and shaping the physical features of cities , and regional spaces, it is also about social design and other larger scale issues. Linking the fields of architecture as well as planning to better organize physical space and community environments. Some important focuses of urban design on this page include its historical impact, paradigm shifts, its interdisciplinary nature, and issues related to urban design.

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