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A well manicured front yard helps to frame your home and prefaces the interior and family inside, providing an initial welcome. A well thought out and organised front yard design and landscaping should compliment the natural terrain of the land and enhance the general theme of the home. When designing your front yard landscaping, it is best to consider the amount of work and effort you are willing to invest into it to maintain the surroundings. Modern front yard designs are leaning more into the minimalist and sparse look. Gone are the voluminous shapes and profusion of colours. The modern look comprises of clean lines, earth colours, creative use of stone, and minimised use of divergent colours.

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Small garden ideas - placement, planning & planting

Some people prefer lower-maintenance landscaping options that will allow them to spend more time enjoying their yards and less time taking care of them. This might include xeriscaping with native plants, installing large patio areas for outdoor entertaining, sticking to an easy-care container garden or planting low-water, evergreen perennials that look great with little care. If you have severe allergies, strong feelings about dirt or a seriously black thumb, you may prefer a backyard that is completely free of plants, flowers and other greenery.

While it might seem nearly impossible to have cozy, inviting outdoor spaces without a bit of shrubbery or pretty petals to soften things up, it is entirely possible to create a relaxing, beautiful backyard retreat that is free of flowery things. Here are 10 low-maintenance, plant-free backyard landscaping ideas and tips to consider when designing your private oasis.

Your patio or deck will likely be a focal point in your landscaping and will provide the foundation on which you design the rest of your yard. Your outdoor living areas are an incredibly important part of your yard, and the hardscape options you choose set the tone for the overall look of your landscaping.

If you choose to have large concrete slabs in your plant-free yard, you might appreciate the upfront savings, but you also might regret your decision down the line — particularly once the concrete begins to age and crack.

Even if you are on a budget, a larger portion of your landscaping dollars should be dedicated to your patios and walkways, since these features are especially important. Incorporating more attractive options like travertine, granite, slate, marble or paving stones is sure to pay off in the long run — both in the enjoyment you and your guests experience and in the overall value of your home.

They also offer the perfect foundation from which to design your plant-free yard and provide beautiful, slip-resistant spaces for outdoor living and outdoor entertaining. If higher-end options are not in your budget right now and you are looking for lower-cost choices, you might want to consider gravel, rather than settling for concrete.

Entertaining spaces and walkways with gravel as a ground cover can be attractive and inviting, particularly if you bring in bright colors with the patio cushions and keep the gravel raked and smooth. One of the advantages of using gravel is that it can provide an attractive, temporary fix for your landscaping needs while helping you stay within your budget and not requiring removal by jackhammer a few years down the road when your budget might allow for paving stones or another hardscape option.

In areas where you do not have patios or walkways, add visual interest, color and texture by incorporating a variety of non-living, low-maintenance ground covers. Most of these options require very little care, such as occasional raking or mixing in new material every once in a while to keep it looking fresh.

Most of these ground covers come in red, brown, gray and black hues, which provides more options for finding the perfect choice for your landscape design. Landscaping fabric, also known as weed fabric, is a must-have product for anyone using ground covers or creating a plant-free yard.

After all, weeds are plants, so if you are planning an outdoor entertaining area that is free of greenery, you certainly do not want weeds coming to the party. This is an affordable investment that will not add much expense to your budget or time to your project, and it is well worth this upfront effort to significantly cut down on maintenance requirements moving forward.

Plants are just one element you can bring into your landscaping design; there are many other options. Water is another popular landscaping element that enhances visual appeal, can provide a focal point for your yard and provides the soothing sound of running water for a more inviting outdoor living area. A swimming pool is a great option for Southern California homes, and it is an option that can take up a sizable chunk of your yard, which can provide some relief when it comes to designing backyard landscaping.

If a pool is not in your budget or not a feature you are interested in including, you can also bring in the element of water with a waterfall, fountain or pond.

To better incorporate your water feature into your plant-free yard, surround it with a patio large enough for a seating area. When some homeowners commit to plant-free landscaping, they seem to feel compelled to fill the space with other objects to distract from the fact that their yard has no greenery. A row of statues along your walkway, an abundance of fence art or a collection of garden gnomes is not going to make your yard more inviting; it is just going to make it look more cluttered and take away from the overall appeal.

Landscaping without plants allows for entertaining areas that are not cluttered with hanging planters, container gardens or overflowing flowerbeds, so fight the urge to fill the space with inanimate objects in an effort to make up for not having plants in your yard.

While greenery is expected, and your yard can feel a little bare without it, good landscape design will provide you with a welcoming space that will not feel lacking. Commit to having clutter-free outdoor living areas for you, your family and your guests to enjoy.

If you are not going to have the stereotypical large lawn in your backyard, you can free up lots of space for more functional features that will better meet your needs. This might include a fire pit surrounded by gravel or a paving stone patio, an outdoor kitchen, a patio fireplace , a playground or just more room for a larger deck for entertaining. Hardscape and ground covers provide lots of opportunities to bring color and texture to your landscape design, but you can enhance this further with your finishing touches.

Patio cushions and colorful outdoor rugs are easy, affordable additions that add color, texture and style to your outdoor living spaces.

You can also add vibrant color to your landscape design with ethnic art pieces or other global goods, such as Talavera stools, birdbaths or accent tables. Landscape lighting provides necessary illumination for patios and walkways, helps create the mood for evening gatherings and is a great way to emphasize your interesting landscaping features. When you choose to landscape without plants, other elements increase in importance; lighting is one of those elements that can add visual interest to your yard without adding features that require a lot of maintenance.

When you choose solar-powered landscape lighting , you do not have to run wires or rely on electricity. You can simply stick them in the ground and let them soak up the rays of the sun during the day to provide plenty of light for evening entertaining.

If your reason for not wanting to include plants in your landscape design is based on allergies, a desire to conserve water or the desire for a low-maintenance backyard, then you should consider installing artificial grass.

Synthetic turf is a great alternative to natural grass lawns and allows you to have the benefits of grass without the headaches.

With fake grass, you can have a lush, green lawn for you, your kids, your pets and your guests to enjoy without ever having to weed, aerate, water, fertilize, edge or mow. Considering that Southern Californians seem to often find ourselves in a state of drought, water-saving landscape options like artificial turf are an ideal way to enjoy guilt-free greenery. Just because you have decided that a low-maintenance yard without gardens or flowerbeds is right for you, that does not mean that you cannot have any type of flora in your landscape design.

Low-maintenance, low-water ornamental grasses, container gardens or native plants can add plenty of color and visual interest to your yard without adding hours to your weekly home maintenance routine.

You can easily place a few accent plants around a patio or install a rock garden with a few plants that thrive with little care.

Wildflowers are another great option for folks who want flowers but do not want to increase their chore list. Native wildflowers that are known to thrive in your area take little effort to plant, do not require pesticides or fertilizers, and do not require as much water as other options.

They are perfectly happy to do their thing with little help, which makes them a great choice for homeowners who want to let their backyard express its wild side with little effort on their part. If you do choose to include a little container garden, a few fruit trees or some flowers in your landscape design, be sure to also include automatic irrigation, which will help you save time and water.

Forgoing flowerbeds and a large, natural grass lawn may be a challenge for some, but the money, water and time you can save when you opt for low-maintenance landscaping is a pretty good tradeoff for those who are not overly concerned with filling their yard with greenery.

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Landscape Design - Сток картинки

Gardening Help Search. Learn how to care for your lawn and the major pest and problems if our area. The Plant Doctors at the Kemper Center can help you with any problems you have or you can call our Horticultural Answer Service for a phone consultation. Learn more. The Kemper Center for Home Gardening is a wonderful resource for landscaping ideas. You will see many of the best and most reliable plants for the area as well as striking combinations.

Improve your yard on a budget with these easy landscaping designs. Whether you are looking for small yard landscaping projects or large yard.

Landscaping Ideas / Beds And Borders

Having a custom driveway gate designed and built is usually a once in a lifetime event. It has a base of gravel, is topped with asphalt, and finished with pretty and durable stones. Diy driveway gate installation tips. DIY gates and fences are the way to go. Driveway Gate. An arched-top driveway gate. Sustainable Driveway Design Ideas. One of the most popular styles of driveway gates out there is Modern. However, your driveway can be an opportunity to introduce your home in style and portray a sense of elegance and flair. We found several really fantastic ideas for doing just this, using supplies ranging from PVC pipes to metal work or wooden gates, each at different skill levels.

Counting down to Christmas

Wrap up warm and discover areas of the garden in a new light this festive season. Pre-booking is essential. The estate farm shop is full to bursting with everything you need for the ultimate festive feast. Prepare for the festive season with our British-grown Nordmann Fir trees.

Once the snow melts away, the birds start chirping again, and you can leave the house without a hat and mittens, you may find yourself walking out to get the mail, turning around, looking at the front yard, and thinking, "Huh.

Potted plant hire

Gardens should always be considered highly personal works of art. As in any kind of art, taste will vary greatly with every person having a different opinion of what constitutes beauty. I think understanding basic design principles, is important for two reasons. First, if you know the rules you can break them in an intelligent way. Second, it helps give you a comfort level that what you design won't be a complete disaster.

5 design ideas to copy from this narrow and small garden

Crafting a small outdoor space is never easy, but it's not impossible. Even if you're not lucky enough to call Versailles home, you can still make your tiny patch of green look stunning. With a dose of creativity and a few smart furniture choices, your humble garden can be picture-perfect in no time, thanks to these brilliant space-saving outdoor ideas design ideas. Not sure where to begin? This roundup has genius garden hacks, stylish decor and unique planters that will give a petite space some grand style. These small garden ideas have more than enough inspiration to bring style to your home, regardless of your design aesthetic.

In the same way you would hang pictures indoors, create a display of frames and wall hung planters on an outside wall, fence or shed. Utilise.

Beautiful landscapes may look expensive, but an eye-popping yard can be budget-friendly, too. Recycle an old watering can, lay down free mulch, hang some string lights and you can create a charming, cozy yard at little to no cost. These 20 cheap landscaping ideas will inspire you.

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Whether you want to focus on increasing your curb appeal with a reimagined front yard, create a backyard retreat with dining and entertaining areas, or both, there are many options and features to consider. Use the information below to start determining what you want in your new landscape. Whether you're a designer who just finished an amazing project or a homeowner who takes great pride in their garden, we'd love to see it! Get more information on how to submit your garden. In the backyard you can create a space for entertaining friends and family complete with an outdoor kitchen, fire feature, pool and more, or you could create a lush garden that attracts wildlife and allows you to relax and reflect.

Many of the home landscaping photos you will see were taken by Mary and I on our porch photography trips across the country.

The front yard is the place most homeowners fix first—and for good reason. Often, it's what others see and what the family sees most often. The builder's bit of lawn, two trees, and few foundation shrubs fall far short of most homeowner's dream landscape. To set your yard apart, invest in streetscaping to add to your home's current and future value. A pleasant view from the street gives a sense of individual pride and accomplishment that will yield results that last for decades. The first thing to do when planning a new front yard is to recognize your bias. The satisfaction of returning home and that you see your front yard from inside the house can skew your feelings about how your yard looks to the public.

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