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Hemerocallis plant care (for growth and bloom) :

These are hemerocallis flowers growing from two to four seeds and harvested in the Fall of the year.

Due to hemerocallis flowers age and seasonality the best time to plant them is Fall or Spring. So if you are planting hemerocallis flowers in Spring you will most likely need to reseed every two years.

Planting hemerocallis requires two stages of development. First stage: Planting &, Second stage: Growing them:

Dig a hole at least 1 foot deep and fill it in with rich organic soil. Place your seeds or transplant in the center of the hole. Fertilize as usual, using recommended fertilizer and plant.

Watch your hemerocallis flowers through the growing season. They don't require watering until they show a set of small leaves and leaves on the lower half of the stem. This is the top growth season. Water weekly in the Summer using a citrus sponge or a drip watering system. Cut and allow to dry and cure for approximately three weeks. Use a brush to thoroughly dry the plants for better fall color.

Hemerocallis plant care (for blooming) :

In early Summer if you don't have time to cut and dry hemerocallis or if you have cut the tops off the hemerocallis then you will have to water frequently. As long as the bottom of the bulb is dry then water less. You can still use a citrus sponge or water from a drip irrigation system. If you cut the flowers off of hemerocallis then the area will rot and need to be re-sown.

Dry fertilizer may be used in the Fall but do not add to wet soil.

First harvest ( spring): In the Spring when the hemerocallis flowers start to turn yellow and have brown spots that look like they will fall off of the bulb, cut these hemerocallis flowers from the stalk. Place the hemerocallis flowers on a clean screen or table to dry in the Summer sun.

Second harvest ( Fall): Use a sharp knife to carefully cut off the remaining hemerocallis leaves.

If you are planting hemerocallis flowers in Spring you will most likely need to reseed every two years. If you are planting hemerocallis flowers in Fall then you will need to reseed them in Fall of the year. If you are growing hemerocallis then you will have to take care of it as the flowers you are growing are from two to four years old.

If you have any tips for planting hemerocallis flowers or if you would like to share an experience of growing hemerocallis then please leave us a comment below.

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